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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact our patient care coordinator via email, give us a call, or set up a FREE discovery consultation.

Do you work with people outside of the local Ventura area?

Yes, we offer long-distance consultations to those outside the Ventura area or California. We work with many clients seamlessly across the United States and Internationally. We are available to clients via phone, video chat and email to fit their needs.

How can I be accepted as a patient?

The best way to determine if you are good fit for our clinic is to schedule an initial evaluation with the doctor. This gives us the opportunity to learn more about you, your goals and needs and gives you the opportunity to clarify questions you may have. We can then determine if a full consultation is right for you. During the comprehensive consultation, we will review your health history and determine if you are a good candidate for care. We do not accept every patient. We only take in patients we feel with high confidence that we can help improve their health. Part of that is making sure you are motivated to do what is necessary to make the changes in your health. We love what we do and love being a part of your journey to better health. Restoring Health for a Better Future!

How long may treatment take?

The nature of Functional Medicine is one of an individualized, patient-centered approach which is customized towards the patient’s specific needs and circumstances. If you are accepted as a patient, the types and length of treatment recommended will vary based on the complexity of your condition, your devotion and motivation to the treatment and how well your body responds. In general, treatment plans for chronic illnesses typically last between three months to one year, but most patients start to see results in the the first month, many in the first week!

We have also modeled our practice around an outcome based model instead of ongoing care model. An ongoing care model is what most people are used to which may look like seeing your doctor ongoing every so many months/ yearly. This is typically necessary when symptom management is being applied. With our outcome based model we work on root cause resolution. At an initial consult we determine reasonable outcomes to achieve and will work within a time frame to address the root issues holding you back from getting there. We will then make sure to educate you on how to maintain those outcomes so you are empowered with your health and independency. We of course we still be here for the long-term and are still here to check in with patients after reaching their goals.

Do you accept insurance?

Insurance may cover some testing and services but typically not all. The in-depth nature of our services in general are above and beyond the conventional “standard of care” and therefore are considered elective to most insurance companies. You can use FSA and HSA accounts for our services and we may also provide you with a superbill for all covered services. We do everything we can to make sure our services are affordable and finances are not a barrier to receiving care that you need. Most of our patients are working class or retired, normal people on fixed incomes who want to get healthy again.

How much does a treatment plan cost?

Costs of care can depend on several factors, including the complexity of your condition, the extent of lab testing required, the combination of therapies needed and the number of consultations you receive. An individual coming to us to address a chronic condition(s) may expect the investment for a care plan to range from $1950 to $9500 depending on the complexity of the case and care needed. Our typical fees can be broken down as follows:

  • Discovery Consult: Complimentary
  • Transformation Membership Plan: Starting at $297/ month
  • Signature Care Plan: Starting at $990/ month
  • Ongoing Wellness Optimization: Starting at $59/ month

While trying to maintain the highest level of care by our integrated team we still try to be as cost effective as we can, not accruing unnecessary costs within our practice, allowing us to be more affordable than similar functional medicine practices. We do our bests to try to fit into everyone’s budget and can typically create a payment plan if needed.

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