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“My life revolved around my symptoms and how I was feeling…”

“Dr. Tiffany is my doctor and I cannot express my gratitude enough or put into words how much she has changed my life. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and my life before going to her was miserable. My life revolved around my symptoms and how I was feeling.

Dr. Tiffany and her staff walked me through the process to find out the WHY I was sick and what to do to change it. I wanted to find out what was wrong with me and not be on medicine my entire life. I can say I don’t take medicine and I am feeling better.

If you are looking for a natural way to get better from any issue you have, call them go in for a consultation and you will find out your life can get better with the wealth of knowledge this center of integrative health shares with you. It’s amazing!!! If I could give this place 10+stars I would!”

-Joann M.

“They are fabulous at what they do, and they really care about each of their patients…”

“I wanted to share my extreme personal satisfaction with both Dr. Brent and Dr. Tiffany. They are fabulous at what they do, and they really care about each of their patients. They take time, they listen and they personalize what is best for you to achieve the results/goals you are hoping for. My journey with them is not over, but as of today’s date – I have NEVER been more satisfied with my results – both my health issues as well as my weight issues. They are wonderful and their office staff are delightful to work with also. I HIGHLY recommend Central Coast for Integrative Health to anyone who has struggled, been frustrated or just want to regain their health. I finally, after years of searching, am happy to have them helping me in my quest for better health!”

-Kathleen H.

“I was experiencing regular dermatitis flare ups all over my arms and legs for almost two years…”

“I was experiencing regular dermatitis flare ups all over my arms and legs for almost two years. During that time I visited a number of doctors, all of whom treated my symptoms with steroid pills and steroid creams. Discussions about potential causes such as my diet never occurred.

Eventually I read about Functional Medicine and visited Dr. Brent Caplan who helped me find the root cause of my dermatitis. The flare ups were being triggered by eating foods containing soy. Now that I know to avoid soy, my dermatitis has cleared up and I haven’t had any further need for steroids.

My other problem was high triglycerides, which peaked at 376. My current blood test shows that my triglycerides are now at a very normal level of 106. By following Dr. Caplan’s individualized recommendations, I’ve also lost weight and have lots more energy.

Dr. Caplan also created an individualized plan to treat my husband’s diabetes and heart disease. My husband’s blood glucose levels were in the 180 range prior to seeing Dr. Caplan and currently his blood glucose has been averaging around 110. My husband’s HS-CRP, which is associated with relative cardiovascular risk, was initially off the charts at 13.8. His current blood test shows an HS-CRP level of 0.2. Yes, less than 1. Thank goodness!

My husband and I have been following Dr. Caplan’s recommendations for 12 weeks now and the results have been simply extraordinary. Both of us are very grateful for Dr. Caplan and his friendly, knowledgeable staff for helping us regain our health.”

-Kathy M.

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